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Your LED Lights Advantage Starts Here

We're starting to feel like LED lighting evangelists.  You can't blame us.  99.9% of U.S. business and residences have no idea that they can significantly reduce their lighting costs with returns averaging 200-400% over 5 years for the LED switch over;  have brighter, better lighting in most cases; and recoup the initial investment in 6-18 months.  It's hard NOT to get a bit zealous about LED lights in that situation unless of course...you are the utility company.  Even a few of them are excited since they take their extra energy and sell it to other States for mark ups of 50 to 100% (hence some of the huge rebates available).  We haven't seen such a significant cost impact to business or residences in quite some time and that's just the impact on the budget.  Let's also add the reduction in mercury, phosphorus, CO2, replacement labor, and sheer volume of discarded bulbs as a feel good bonus to all that extra money you won't be sending your utility.   We think they'll be okay with 90% less of your lighting power costs so let's quickly look at the advantage of LED light with three different angles.

LED lights Versus Incandescent and CFL/Fluorescent.  When you see the numbers, it's pretty amazing that we still use incandescents and fluorescents.  We'll touch on that in the next paragraph but we have broken out cost, energy, and replacment comparisons through out the site but "Versus Other Bulbs" is a good place to start and we're adding case studies and comparisons to our LED Learning Lab all the time.  So why did it take so long and why now?

Today's LED lights Versus Prior Generations of LED technology.  No one wants a glorified calculator light illuminating their office, industrial, warehouse, or residential space.  The color and qualify of LED lights have gone through a remarkable transformation from earlier bulbs that the architects would say "the light's not quite right" about.  We can color tune down to 2700 Kelvin for warmer light with spot, omni-directional, dimmable options for any existing lighting need you have.  We have LED street lights, high power yet super efficient grow lights, and bulbs in the several 100 watts up to 1000 watts if you need to practically shine through the floor (or grow room).  We can color tune to 256 RGB colors as well.  Order a sample today to check out the quality and think of the advancements in LCD/LED televisions as a good representative model for how far they have come. 

Finally, why us for LED lighting?  We invite you to price-check us against the competition for bulb cost lumen to lumen.  There might be less expensive options but we haven't found a legitimate source with a warranty or quality that matches.  2 year Unlimited warranty on all bulbs.  The important word there is unlimited.  The market is ripe with all kinds of limited warranties where you're allowed to use the bulb 2.7932 hours a day or only on certain longitudinal lines across the earth.  What good is a limited warranty with fine print?  Let's just say that fine print is rarely in your interest.  We go the other way.  2 years.  Unlimited.  Clean.  We're very comfortable with this since the average lifespan of our bulb is 50,000 hours and you'll pay off the cost of the bulb in 6-16 months anyway.   We'll see you in 12 years for the replacement.

In the meantime, let us run your LED lighting quote which will show not only the total cost but estimated energy, cost, and replacement comparisons versus existing lighting.   We're going to be conservative with input numbers because you probably wouldn't believe the actual savings once additional (very real) effects such as government rebates are added in.   Let us be your partner in LED Savings! 

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