About Us at LEDLightSavings.net


We feel like that person who has the great secret right before it circulates faster than the web can carry it.  We fashion ourselves to be evangelists of sorts to the significant savings and opportunities for led lighting across multiple platforms and industries.  It couldn’t come at a better time considering the need for an energy renaissance in the United States.  In times of change likes these, it’s important that business and people have strong partners.   That’s us.  Let’s take a look at our approach to the exploding world of LED lighting.


Pretty websites are great but this energy renaissance is driven by technology and there’s no point having a nice paint job if the engine has no power under the hood (to continue our car analogy).  That’s why we sought out the best technology.  It’s the Hemi of the LED light show…sticking right out the hood of this LED lighting vehicle to serious energy savings.  We’ll get into the current lay of the LED land and why our technology is superior not only now but for years to come.  That’s important.  There’s always a bit of buyer’s hesitancy these days because of the rapid change of improvement.  No one wants to be left holding the bag with last year’s technology while your neighbor (business competitor) struts past you with LED 2.0.  That’s the great advantage to our lights.  The rest of the industry will be catching up with us for years with our ability to switch out drivers (the chip that drives electricity to the LED’s) instead of entire lamps and that’s just the start.  I guess it’s beneficial that we’re significantly cheaper than the other LED light manufacturers and suppliers but that only matters if the technology passes the test.  A+.


So starting with the best technology give us a head start.  We come on strong in the finish.  We’re the point person from beginning (quoting the project and addressing lighting energy needs) to the end (installation, financing, and maintenance guidance).  We’re heavily immersed in the changes, advances, and business of bringing this LED technology and all its savings to you, the end user.  We know you’re busy running your business or household…the last thing you need to do is lose sleep over wattage comparisons and kelvins of color coordinating.  That’s our job.  You tell us what you need whether it’s simply to replace your current lighting setup as is at a much lower cost or changes/additions to lighting needs not currently accommodated by your available lighting.   We take this planning and execution off of your shoulders so that you can concentrate on what actually keeps the lights on…your business.


So let us introduce ourselves.  We’re your LED lighting partner and we’re 100% committed to getting your system in fast, on budget, and with a tremendous back end profit to you.  It will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.  In fact, there are probably few seismic changes in business cost structure (translated as reduction) during your lifetime as the transition to LED lighting currently in full bloom.  Request your quote online or let us know how we can help you.  Each month that passes is money out of your pocket and the one reaction we have from existing clients is why they didn’t do it earlier.  Today’s a pretty good day to save a lot of money. 



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