Getting Started Towards LED Savings


First things first.  We to look at the numbers to make sure the switch to LED lighting is the right move.  We have never run a LED light quote where it didn't result in significant savings since the power usage and existing light replacement costs are what they are...whether it's 1 light or 10,000 lights, incandescents or CFl's; spots or street lights.  There's no getting around the basic cost structure and savings of 80-90% are typically the baseline.  First, run your LED light quote to get a better idea of what savings you're looking at and what the initial cost of the light bulbs will be both in terms of hardware (actual LED bulbs) and labor for the installation.  To be fair, you would be paying for this labor many times over with your existing bulbs since they burn out so much faster but it's important to know the cost needed up front since the savings start immediately but come on the back end.  To run this quote, you'll first need to complete your lighting inventory.  You can guestimate it but the more accurate your inventory, the better LED light savings quote we can provide.  You just need the type of bulb, # of bulbs by type, and ideally the wattage.  We can do the rest with just that information.  We usually turn around quotes in a few business days directly to you.

Once you receive your LED light quote, contact us with any questions you may have.  We're happy to walk through it.  We make sure all the supporting detail and assumptions are there for easy reading but we're here to help.  You will likely see considerable savings and want to move forward.  Typically, people new to the LED world have two concerns.  First, what will the light look like and second,  paying for the LED lights up front.  We can send out paid for samples for any color (Bright white, daylight, and warm light being the three most popular choices) to you so you can see it in the actual space.  This is important.  Secondly, there are options to finance the initial bulb purchase although most people want to keep the full savings and choose to buy the bulbs outright.  There are financing options available so please let us know if you are interested in this approach.   We will then send you the official purchase order to initiate your project.  Upon signed receipt, we'll likely get your order started.   You can generally expect the bulb delivery after payment within 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the order and the complexity.  The bulbs will arrive directly to your location.  Next, comes installation.

We can arrange professional installation for you but the most cost effective approach is to make the changes in-house for larger companies that have dedicated HVAC/Facility support or to use local electricians.  For spots and general lighting, we're essentially screwing in bulbs.  No changes are needed to existing fixtures.  For changes to fluorescent lighting, there are two approaches.  We can either bypass the ballasts (which draw energy themselves and also fail) or go direct to the electric source with a quick retro-fit.  It's typically more economical and faster to just bypass the ballasts and keep the existing fixtures.  We can discuss these options with you.

Once your lighting is installed, you will inevitably find failures out of the box.  the number of our LED lights that fail are significantly lower than with existing incandescents, CFL's, and fluorescents due to the Solid State construction of an LED light.  There are always going to be failures with any lighting though so please package these and return to us with the order detail enclosed.  We'll ship out replacements immediately.  Of course, please contact us with warranty issues or service needs going forward.  In the meantime, enjoy the savings that your new light installation is generating. 

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