LED Light Contracts and Agreements


Once you realize the savings involved and have received your LED light quote with both an annual comparison and 5 year savings profile, it's actually pretty easy to move forward.  We definitely recommend that you purchase samples for key light bulbs and areas you are looking to change to make sure you're happy.  LED lights have made huge jumps in quality lately so our clients and customers have been very please and not just with the savings involved.  There are different "colors" of light however so it's important to confirm if you want warm light, daylight, or bright light up front before ordering 1000 LED lights.  That's the first step.  You can email us the order or just complete a LED light quote for just the samples and we'll get those right out to you with a simple purchase order.  That's bring us to the next step.

When we have finalized your lighting profile and you're happy with the pricing, color of light, and other variables, we will send you a proposal and purchase order.  The Proposal will establish what address to sen the lights to, an inventory of lights including complete detail as to quantity, light type, wattage replaced, LED wattage, price per unit, and total price.   It's very important to look over this information.  Unless changes were made afterwards, the detail should reflect your initial LED light quote with no variation.  It's also very important to make sure the "dimmable" shows on a line item where a dimmable bulb is required.  This is critical since non-dimming bulbs can be damaged if dimmed. 

You will then get a summary of the energy and cost savings profile from your proposed LED switch.  It will reflect this information with a break out by type of light and for the entire project.  A cost of bulbs (both initial LED and replacement) will follow next.  Keep in mind that the figures above are not exact but intended to be used as an estimate.  All these factors are in flux from how much a company may pay for a bulb to the cost of energy but we use conservative figures based on the best available sources (such as State utility energy costs by user classification).  We do not take into account the extensive government rebates and incentives that are available so again, these savings figures are very conservative.

You then have the agreement section of the proposal with your signature and the company's signature followed by standard terms for equipment purchases including the following.  The proposal is good for 30 days following the date of the proposal.  Invoices not paid within 30 days will be charge an interest amount of 1 and 1/2 percent per month.  Purchases can be made with major credit cards and PayPal.  The bulbs have a 2 year unlimited (very important) warranty as opposed to other LED manufacturers that have limited warranties based on capped hours of usage.

That's the primary purchase agreement and we're happy to generate one for your project.  You can start by running your LED lighting quote online.

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