How We Help With LED Lights


The landscape of our customers everyday run from residences to small business to in-house Facility VP's of large companies and varying levels of expertise.  We're happy to help all the above in this exciting opportunity to reduce lighting costs on a significant basis.  Let's look at how we can help you from start to finish.

First, our goal is to put all the relevant information online.  We want anything that touches LED and the new LED lighting revolution to be at your fingertips on one website but from the perspective of a business owner or residence...not a physicist.   We're adding new articles and tools on a weekly basis to the site to give the best idea of what to do with LED's.  This is partially to empower you in the decision making but more importantly, we offer this result of time, work, and effort as a show of our role to you ...partners in your LED transition.   Look...we run proposals all day long and the numbers are staggering.  The amount of money that residences and companies are overpaying to the utility is truly mind boggling.  When you see this kind of information on a daily basis and you get the calls from prior customers confirming the decision and the savings, it's hard not to get excited and become an LED evangelist. 

Investigating LED lights

There's always questions.  Sometimes, it's just better to call up a person and walk through your questions and or concerns.  That's where we come in to play.  Need to nail down what lights you have for a quote.  We'll help.  You can even snap pictures of the light and we'll go from there.  The lighting inventory is an important part of the LED light quote so let us help you get the most accurate rate.  You're probably not throwing around terms like "Kelvin" on a daily basis so let us know what type of business you have, what type of lighting, and we can make recommendations on the "color" (the Kelvin mentioned above) of light to look at.  Based on this, you can buy some samples to test in your space.  The eye's never lie!  We're happy to discuss different types of fixtures, how to handle fluorescents, and any other aspect you need help on.

Help with Purchase, Installation, and Returns

Once we've signed the purchase agreement and the bulbs are on the way, we're still here.  Call us when they arrive and we can address any questions that arise.  If there are faulty bulbs (very rare for LED...much less than with incandescent and fluorescent), we'll work with you to get replacements out right away.  We have resources for installers although the most complex need is for bypassing fluorescent ballasts and any electrician can accomplish this with ease.  We can then get you started on the government rebates and incentives available which can amount to between 10 and 50% of the cost of bulbs.  We don't even include this in the LED light quote but it's still there.  We'll help you on the back end with this process. 

The lifetime of our bulbs averages 50,000 hours.  That's right 50K!  At 365 days a year, 10 hours a day, your looking at over 12 years!  We'll still be here and ready to help with replacements as needed.  As much as we like repeat business sooner, the technology is just too good!  I'm sure you won't miss the cost of bulb replacements like your current bulbs which typically last 2000-2500 hours and fail each year.  Either way, we're here to help at that point as well.  So let us know how we can help or feel free to run your LED light quote now and see what savings you might be missing today. 

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