LED Light Technology Today


It’s a pretty interesting scene.  We will field calls or inquiries about LED lighting for a given business or group and invariably, the same thing happens.  They like the cost savings from LED lights but they have misgivings about the light quality.  This is especially true or architects and builders who are very particular about the quality of light and have no doubt seen the early stages of LED lighting which is loosely translated at bluish or stark white light you would expect coming down from the mother ship.  Those days are gone and we personally say good riddance.  You can preach the improvements in LED light color all you want but our relationship with light and color are primitive and very personal.  The eye’s got to see it to believe it.  That’s where the scene above ends.  We plug one of our new color tuned LED bulbs in the socket and they stand there still for a while.  They want to hold on to the old belief that the light’s color will look wrong but you can’t argue with your eyes…and win.  It’s a great feeling and it’s a result of technological breakthroughs in the last few years that make LED the only choice once you know the facts. 


A very common reaction to contemplating new technology such as the move to LED lighting is a fear of having your new purchase obsolete by the time it’s installed.  The computer and technology markets haven’t exactly helped here.  So where are we in terms of LED lighting and what’s around the corner?  We look at this question in two separate parts.  First, does current LED do everything we need or expect from existing incandescent or fluorescent technology?   Yes.  We now have color tuning where we can even specify according to your Kelvin color requirements which is pretty advanced.  It doesn’t stop there.   We also have dimmable bulbs and all the different lamp form factors you need from spots, strips, and floods.  Let us know what requirements you have and we’ll find the LED equivalent for it.  The best part is that we can do all of this with much less energy costs which over a 5 year window can result in 90-400% savings depending on the use.


So what about the future?  We’re even more excited about our position going forward.  In fact, we believe the LED light technology will be one that other manufacturers and suppliers will have to catch up with for a very long time.  The beauty of our LED lights is the entire lamp doesn’t need to be thrown out like the others do. The actual lights are solid state which means they could last for years.  Our light allows to switch out the driver which is essentially a chip that pushes electricity to the LED.  The cost to replace this piece is substantially less expensive than to switch out the entire light as is required by other LED lights.  This is the direction to go and you’ll have a head start on the LED technology for years to come. 


Ultimately, the decision you need to make right now is this…do the number work?  As described in our How Does LED Save You Money? article, the number work and the savings are significant.  Not next year or 5 years later but right now.  Let’s take a look at your particular lighting situation by request a LED light quote.

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