LED Lights Versus Other Bulbs


Let's say that you're well versed in the benefits of LED lighting not only in terms of cost savings, power usage, and impact on the environment...clearly the closest we have to a win win in the energy sector or any business/residence cost that's currently available.  The beauty of the internet is that you can now research the best options to actually make the switch.  There's lots of sites out there from the big bulb manufacturers to installers and the like.  We're the perfect blend in that we have a direct relationship with the manufacturer but we also understand that you'll save the most money if you install in-house or close to house.  That's just extra margin you're paying the installer even on large installations so yes, we can help coordinate the job from start to finish if you like, but we want you to pay the least amount and recoup the greatest savings.  Let's take a look then at how we compare with other bulbs, both non-LED and LED light bulbs for a true apples to apples comparison.   We're going to include CLF's even though they're scheduled for phase out due to the disposal issues of highly toxic chemicals needed for that type of bulb.  The CFL's is basically a lite version of the LED with nasty side effects so if you're looking at energy savings, why not get the full pop of the LED plus the greatly extended life. 

We'll at three very common form factors, a traditional 60 watt bulb (both incandescent and CFL), a PAR38 Spot bulb (both incandescent and CFL), and a 4' T8 Fluorescent strip (fluorescent).  We'll also look at how we compare against other LED's and we'll put all the cards on the table for the simple reason that we would rather buy that way.  So let the fun begin.

Assumes 5 year window, 10 hr daily usage, 7 days/week; 10 cent KWH. 

Traditional 60 watt bulb

  Cost    Wattage  Energy Cost per year Replace Cost

Total Cost

Incandescent  $1.99  60  $21.90 $18.16 $127.66
CFL     $2.75 16 $5.84 $10.04 $39.24
Our LED  $22.50 3 $1.10 $0 $5.48

 We can't even get to the 50,000 hour life of the LED in our example above.  In fact, we can only get 37% through the life so the savings over the next 5 years will be even higher. 

PAR38 Spot

  Cost    Wattage  Energy Cost per year Replace Cost

Total Cost

Incandescent  $6.00 90 $32.85 $54.75 $219.00
CFL     $10.00 23 $8.40 $36.50 $78.48
Our LED  $22.50 9 $2.56 $0 $16.43

4' T8 Fluorescent strip - fluorescent

  Cost    Wattage  Energy Cost per year Replace Cost

Total Cost

Fluorescent $1.86 32  $11.68 $1.13 $59.53
Our LED  $22.50 6.4 $2.34 $0 $11.68

The above comparisons do not take into account higher electricity costs which are very likely, government rebates such as 6 cents per KWH, 60 cents per square foot, average $10 per lamp, etc.   When we add in these extra factors that quite real, the savings almost sound too good to be true so we leave them out.  People just wouldn't believe the numbers. 


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