LED Light Warranty


Once you realize the savings available from a transition to LED lights, we need to look at the mechanics of the purchase and a big part of this deals with warranties.   We love the warranty section as it pertains to the LED light since they far outreach all other available lighting options on the market.  Let's take a quick look at the fine print however to make sure we're comparing apples and apples.

Our LED lights have a 2 year, unlimited warranty.  The savings proposition on a conservative basis usually has you recovering the full cost of the lights in a little over 1 year and that does not take into account the extensive  rebates and tax advantages available in most States.  These rebates can probably bring the recovery period for your initial investment down to half of that time and the rest of the lifetime which typically runs 50000 hours as opposed to about 1500 hours for incandescent and 5000 for fluorescent.  The key part about our warranty is the "unlimited" word.  Many manufacturers will have longer warranties but with limitations.  The limitations can include a maximum threshold of hours in use per day.  For example, some warranties, and we're not naming names will have a 5 year warranty but only if the light is used no more than 4 hours per day.   It may not say this explicitly, although some do, but the calculation essentially takes the length of warranty time and divide it by a total number of hours.  It's the equivalent of the rental cars or lease agreements that give you a cheap rate or lease payment but ding you if you go over a certain number of miles.  It's bad news because the in the case of LED lights, who is using their lights on such a limited basis and as opposed to the lease agreement example, going over the allowed amount eliminates your entire warranty in most cases.  What's the point of having a warranty at all?

We asked the same question and decided we would go with a shorter duration but with an unlimited warranty.  We know that the vast majority of our lights will last much longer but we wanted to make sure the buyer can completely absorb the cost of the light and save multiples of this cost under the warranty period instead of looking for loopholes to void the warranty.  Limited warranties requires risk taking and we're not in the casino business.   We deal in lights.  Of course, we're happy to address any questions you have on our warranties and it's design to protect you at help@ledlightsavings.net  

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